About Us

Size + Comfort - We know your dog deserves the best, so our top priority is creating products that are comfortable but also functional. As our dogs come in all shapes and sizes it is so important to have correctly fitting accessories to ensure their health and happiness. 
British Made and Design - Our designs are created by our pack leader Sophie and then manufactured in the UK and distributed from our studio in Hampshire, thereby reducing our carbon footprint. 
Quality Products - We produce high quality, long-lasting products in small amounts, to eliminate waste.
Genuine and Trustworthy Customer Service - It’s really important to us that our clients can see what kind of brand we are, the values we hold and our aspirations. We value feedback and share what our customers think of us and our products. Reviews are published in full.     
and most importantly a LOVE OF DOGS.... 
Founder & Pack Leader, Sophie & Cognac (pictured).

Please do not hesitate to contact our team, we are here to help you or why not come and join the pack @pugalieroflondon