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    Our designs are created by our pack leader Sophie & manufactured here in the UK & distributed from our studio in Hampshire - reducing our carbon footprint. 



    We are proud to announce LUX Life Magazine - the best place for luxury lifestyle news!


    We love a personal touch! So why not engrave your dog's name, a phone number or even a message onto your accessory making it that bit more special.

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Buy Once. Buy Well.

From teeny-tiny to big and mighty, we've got your dog's covered no matter their size. Our accessories come in many sizes so you can dress your dog from puppy to adult.

  • Do you struggle to tie your dog up?

    Our leather dog leads have a safe, innovative and simple securing handle, so you will never have to worry about the fuss of unclipping your dog to tie them up again.

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  • Do you want to give your dog a drink on the go?

    Our Dog Water Bottle is easy to use, portable and practical. This portable dog bowl is great for a short walk, a long car journey or even a day out.

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  • Do you own two dogs or more ?

    Our Split Lead is perfect for walking two dogs at once!

    Let your dogs walk side by side, rather than the usual tangled mess that ensues! 

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With an eye for detail & a love of dogs!

All dogs are treasured members of the family; they deserve to be happy, healthy, and most importantly indulged in high-quality dog accessories that are colourful, comfortable and hardwearing. Why settle for dull when you can match your wardrobe with theirs. 

Your dog's safety and happiness is our priority (and of course their style). 

Supporting Guide Dogs for the Blind.